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Narconon Fresh Start

Rehab Scams: False hopes and fake commitments

25/07/2013 12:47

Narconon is a nonprofit organization which has been helping hundreds of thousand so of people, worldwide, get rid of their addiction. Narconon is one of the most reputable and reliable drug rehab program across the globe. Since 1966, Narconon has been helping addicts ease back into normal life. Narconon has over a 100 rehab centers across 45 countries and in each country Narconon has rightfully earned its label as Narconon Fresh Start. Over the years Narconon has received numerous acknowledgments and accolades for its work.

Narconon’s claim of reliability is substantiated by its institutional accreditation and by Narconon Fresh Start Reviews.  With its work in the field, acknowledgements and recommendations, Narconon has silenced critics, and has silenced those doubting and negating its high success rates.  Unlike most other rehab centers, Narconon Fresh Start lives up to its claims. Narconon is one program with an authentic, adequate and patient specific treatment.  Narconon has a unique treatment method, which incorporates; drug free holistic treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social interaction therapy. This multi tiered recovery program treats the physical, mental, and social aspects related with the drug abuse.  Moreover Narconon’s treatment method has been devised after years of research and self-betterment experimentation. Narconon’s treatment is ever evolving and inculcates new approaches into the program. Narconon pays special heed to the patient’s particular needs and wants.

The best characteristic of Narconon is its belief in the cure and its approach to treating drug addiction. Most Rehabs are seen as portraying drug addiction as something which cannot be fully cured. They adopt this strategy to keep patients in the “recovering patient” limbo. Narconon however is a flexible program, which prior to diagnosis and advice, assesses the patient, and only then does it come up with a treatment plan. Narconon not only instills the belief of full recovery in its patient and believes it, itself as well. This belief is the very reason that Narconon Fresh Start has an astounding success rate of 76 %. Narconon, as testified by CARF and customer reviews, stands by its claims and commitments.

Giving someone false hope is criminal, especially when it comes to matter of one’s health. Still we see many rehab center making spurious claims on tv using paid actors.  Such rehab centers are farces which run on beguiling people in to taking their offers seriously.  Most of such rehab centers offer you the easy way out of a short term treatment.  To lure people in, they provide exaggerated success rates and provide fabricated success stories. Once enrolled, the patient is stuck in a rut of a stagnant cyclical treatment method and never ending tests. Which affect really affect your pocket rather than your heath

Do not get trapped in these lies, as these lies are sold by professional salesmen, whose sole aim is to lure you in as a potential customer. Before enrolling in a rehab ask around about the credibility and authenticity of the said rehabilitation program. If, in doubt, look up its accreditation with CARF. Do not solely rely on customer reviews, as these days rehabs are hiring people to write positive reviews for them.