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Narconon Fresh Start - An Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment

01/11/2013 10:54

Narconon Fresh Start - An Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment

Narconon Fresh Start believes in drug free treatment and restoring the clients from addiction with the help education and healthy activities. The clients at Narconon are provided with the best educational courses such as life skill course, communicative skill course and the Way to Happiness course. The prime objective of Narconon rehab program is to help the clients to abandon dependence on drugs and live a life of direction and integrity. Following is the introduction to basic drug free treatment philosophy of Narconon as I is manifested in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews.
Possibilities of Cure from Addiction

The drug addiction is not incurable but it is generally considered as an ill handled phenomenon. The drug addiction is a complex problem and has many layers of problematic aspects. The patients are normally faced by social pressures and life challenges that lead to taking drugs for satisfaction. There are a number of associated issues other than physical and bodily cravings for drugs, and these need to be comprehensively tackled for the sake of drug addiction eradication. There are various drug addiction treatment programs out there that claim to produce excellent results but are still unable to cure all the patients especially those unable to intake the medical drugs. The comments in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews of the successfully rehabilitated people from Narconon facilities appreciate the program as the best one that is capable of turning the wheel of an addictive life.   
The physical structure and vital body organs are very weak in case of many long drug consuming addicts which calls for that fact that they cannot intake chemical and medical drugs to cure themselves. This has in fact caused much of a problem in the case of scenario where drug free treatment is desired for stopping the drug abuse.
Drug Free Treatment of Substance Abuse

Narconon Fresh Start program believes in philosophy of treating the patients in an innovative manner where the patients are not at all forced to intake the drugs but they are firstly provided with vitamins and supplements to build their body strength. The strength is absolutely vital for these patients as they have posses really damaged vital body organs. The sauna therapy is used to remove the alcohol metabolites and harmful materials from the human body. These materials and substances are a continuous cause of problems in the human body and tend to cause cravings that are often unbearable by patients. It also entices them to take drugs no matter what as per the experiences declared in Narconon Fresh Start Reviews.
The detoxification program is intended to help the patients that do not want any chemicals or are unable to cope with the medical drugs as they have not got enough bodily immunity. The sauna therapy, workout, jogging, etc. are designed to especially expel out the harmful materials from the human body. These substances are expelled in a way that does not torture and harm the patients as they do not have to use any odd means to rid of the craving enticing materials. Due to the drug free detoxification philosophy the Narconon Fresh Start program fits best for all scenarios.

False Marketing In The Name of Drug Rehab

22/08/2013 16:22
False Marketing In The Name of Drug Rehab
Drug addiction is one of the rapidly growing problems of the twentieth century, with millions worldwide involved in substance abuse in one form or another. This has paved the way for the establishment of countless drug rehabilitation centers all over the world that are in the business of helping these people help themselves by promising them freedom from the addiction to drugs that has their whole life at a standstill, or worse, spiraling downwards into a  whirlpool of misery and despair. What these Drug rehabilitation programs offer is a ray of hope, a new way to see things in life, to conquer the feelings and became the reason to drug abuse.
However, some of these drug rehab centers have recently been accused of false marketing and fraudulent schemes to con people of their money and substandard services that were ending up doing more harm to the participants rather than enabling them to return to the healthy lives they were leading before. Which is why there is now a considerable sense of macabre towards these rehabilitation programs and people are rather wary about joining one before they’ve made sure that it is indeed delivering what it promises in its advertisements. 
One way that these drug rehab programs have been cutting corners is by being very vague about the terms of the success which they consider to be a positive result. A successful rehab, in their eyes, could mean anything from a person who indulged in shooting up heroine or snorting cocaine all day but then comes down to using them only once or twice a week, to someone who drank a lot but then stops drinking all together. Depending on the effort involved somebody who starts coming to the support group meetings when before he was quite adamant to the idea could also be considered a success. 
The crux of the matter then is that every addiction is not the same, just as every addict is different, so they all require a different strategy to be brought back on track and to do that, a drug rehabilitation center must be capable enough of recognizing and being able to deal with all its participants at an individual level and cater to their specific whims and needs. Doing this is important as much of the road to recovery depends on the perception by the person that the people holding back his drugs are doing what is indeed best for him, understanding which may also very well be the best step to recovery in the first place. 
Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehabilitation program that has been operating in many locations worldwide for the past forty years or so and has successfully established a name for itself due to it’s all natural program that stands at a stark difference from the rest of the programs out there. Narconon Fresh Start offers many courses and therapy sessions it provides to help people get back to their world as they were before and even find new meaning in life. To examine the effectiveness of Narconon Fresh Start, the best way is to go through Narconon Fresh Start reviews that provide you the first hand knowledge of people from different walks of life. 

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews: Testimonials of Truth & Integrity

17/08/2013 12:52

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews: Testimonials of Truth & Integrity
Drugs – the word itself horrifies many people. The idea of even practicing the drugs has been considered taboo for a long time. People feared to talk about it publicly, well things are now changing and people are speaking up against the use of drugs. Drugs though thought to be a minor issue by many, but it genuinely is not. If the problems about the use of drugs are not sought after properly might cause long term issues for the nations as whole. Drugs have the ability to destroy one entire generation.

Addicts become slaves of their desires and thus lose their status of being responsible citizens. The issue becomes even more serious when we consider the wider aspects of the consequences. The addict not only hurts himself but also the people around him.

The addicts have been taken in by many rehabilitation centers- the places where they are medicated in order to provide them for the basic necessities as well help them to be responsible and productive citizens again. The rehabilitation centers are sometimes contacted by the families of the addicts or even by the addicts themselves. The organizations set up these rehabilitation centers with the prime focus to make the lives of the addicts and the people around addicts easier, making the addicts to let go off their habit of taking the drugs.

The rehabilitation centers though are for the social welfare of the society but sadly these have been taken up by the people as businesses. Now you cannot earn money out of everything, the centers might want to earn money too since they have to get supplies on monthly basis and also have to pay the wages of the staff they have hired but the basis here is that the centers whose prime focus is their social responsibility earn any way, but those who have opened up just to earn cannot do good to the society.

Among the few genuine rehabilitation centers we have Narconon Fresh Start. This center has been doing a great work of welfare for the society and has transformed the addicts into the most positive, responsible citizens again. A lot of the clients of the Narconon have shared their experience through Narconon Fresh Start Reviews and the clients have been completely satisfied by not only the services of the organization but have become even more productive. These accounts depicting personal experience of the facilities and procedure adopted at Narconon is provide a genuine insight of the working of the organization. Those who feel the need to join a drug rehab themselves or want it for their loved ones must have a glance at Narconon Fresh Start Reviews. The hopelessness of the people dependent on drugs and alcohol was treated in an excellent manner and they were provided with the state of the art facilities to resume a life of direction and integrity. Their comments Narconon Fresh Start Reviews are quite encouraging and impart confidence to try Narconon Fresh Start.

The organization has been working for quite many years now and has been known to use unorthodox methods – though made controversial by the competitors, which introduce the addicts to a completely new perception of life.

All About Narconon Fresh Start

17/08/2013 12:44

All About Narconon Fresh Start
The use of drugs over the past few years has become very volatile. Every now and then we come across people who have been wasting their lives because of drug abuse. The age groups involved in the use of drugs might surprise you, but the fact is that a lot of teenagers have fallen prey to the mercy of drugs. The little ones destroying their lives over meager pieces of drugs are just unbearable to see. The concern here is the dangers that these drugs pose to people of every age group are life threatening, the drugs make the addicts harmful people. The addicts not only cause damage to themselves but also to the people around them, bet it their family, friends, neighbors or even the passersby on the street. The major issue is to rehabilitate the addicts and making them useful citizens.

The authorities have been making few moves and taking some very bold steps in order to completely banish the use of drugs, which itself is not possible because these illicit drugs find one way or the other. There have been development rearing the rehabilitation centers, and a lot of them have emerged and are helping out the addicts. The centers might not be genuine so you have to research a lot before contacting one, because the market is full of the scammers. The organizations put aside their social responsibility and consider only money making a lot of organizations are playing with the lives of many.

Not all the organizations out there are scammers, authentic rehabilitation centers do exist and one of those is the Narconon. This organization understands its social responsibility and has been working a great deal for quite many years now. The Narconon has an agenda of not only treating the addicts physically but also has made efforts to bring the addicts to their original selves. The work has been done and the results are out there too. A ton of satisfied people who have had been indulged in the bad habit of drugs have been brought back to the normal life.

In this scenario, Narconon Fresh Start offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Narconon Fresh Start has a varied set of agenda and focus. All these depend on the basic condition of the addict and the extent of his or her addiction. Narconon staff is well trained and the patients here are treated well enough to make them normal again.

The major concern of the Narconon Fresh Start mainly focuses on the rehabilitation thus making the addicts able enough to lead a normal life. The program includes a number of activities. From physical medication to sound mental condition of the addicts each aspect is taken care of. Narconon Fresh Start program includes a number of sporty, outdoor activities which enables the addicts to have social interaction with their fellow mates thus making the addicts feel as normal as possible. The organization has put in every effort to cover all the aspects of making the life of an addict easier and helping out the families too.

The Farce of Drug Recovery Programs

02/07/2013 16:30

Different rehabs are offering drug addicts a chance to leave their addicted lives and to enter in a normal life again. Well it is not that simple and not many people are putting their efforts to rehabilitate drug addiction. In fact most of these rehabs are frauds and they just try to grab the attention of people who are in search of a drug rehab. These institutes are desperately waiting to fool you and to grab your money to become richer overnight. These scam rehabs do a lot of homework not for curing the disease but for trapping people.

Have you ever received a brochure full of a drug rehab with full of attractive offers? If yes then you can be the one who is going to be their next victim. If you really want to do something for your loved one who has been going through any kind of addiction then be cautious while choosing a right place of him. These scam drug rehabs just motivate people for getting money and at the end you will feel sorrow. Remember that there is a huge different between curing a disease and rehabilitating an addiction. If some claims that he can completely cure drug addiction then he is trying to cheat you and that it. Curing a disease means that the physical and psychological abnormalities of the patient can be completely reversed. In contrast rehabilitation is an effort to bring someone back to his normal life but the results cannot be guaranteed. These drug recovery programs are in a race to cheat people and to make instant money. They can adopt any dark way to achieve their devilish goals. You are the one who need to stay watchful and well informed while selecting a legitimate drug rehab.

False rehabs usually offer you hundred percent guarantees on rehabilitation which is until now an impossible task. Drug rehabilitation not like all other diseases in which the chances of recovery can be measured. Drug addicts are entirely different in their attitudes and their mindset about getting rehabilitated. This process demands patients to be psychologically motivated to fight drug addiction otherwise the chances of rejuvenation become lesser. Just to grab your attention these fake drug recovery programs will hit you on the spot from narconon fresh start, they can get their goals. Don’t ever trust of rehabs who claim to rehabilitate you or your loved one with some unconventional method such as herbal medicine. Herbal medicines are not that effective in their mechanism of action that they can control such an impulsive disease.
You don’t need to get demotivated by hearing about these scam drug recovery programs as some reliable drug rehab programs like Narconon Fresh Start are still working. They are providing exceptional services to eradicate drug addiction from the society. Their approach towards treating drug addiction is entirely different as it is not based on the disease model of treatment. This is the point which is making Narconon the most successful drug rehabilitation program. Their drug withdrawal stage is very effective so the patients don’t feel any discomfort during leaving drugs and coming back to their normal life. The comprehensive and the effective rehab methodology of Narconon Fresh Start deserve due appreciation.

False Remedial Claims for Addiction

02/07/2013 16:26

Drug remediation helps people to get over their sick addicted lives and to live happily again but scammers have ruined many such cases of drug addiction. Initially drug rehabilitation was a very noble profession in which people were devotedly working to excavate drug addiction from the society. Now it is a business for many fraud rehabs who want to attain publicity and huge monetary benefits. These fraud rehabs are a scum of the face of this self-sacrificing professional and they need to be identified by you to get rid of them. False drug rehabilitation programs will try different tactics to trap you in a network of fraud. They usually claim to rehabilitate a patient in a very less time. Don’t get attracted to any such offers because rehabilitation is time consuming process and it can never be done in less than the prescribed time. The time span for rehabilitation can vary slightly according to the stimulus of patient but it’s not possible to rejuvenate a drug addict in few weeks.

These scammers doesn’t really stop here, they also offer you guarantees for rehabilitation which is again a big propaganda. It’s important for you to come out of a fairy tale and stop assuming perfect situations as they cannot happen in real life. There are always chances of rehabilitation but 100% guarantee is something which no one can claim. If someone is offering you hundred percent assurance then he is trying to fool you. To get into their trap and try any other rehab which seems to be more realistic.

If you are the one who believes in supernatural powers or strange approaches to get out of a problem then you are a perfect prey for these scam rehabilitation industry predators. Scam drug rehabs imply different approaches to attract people and one of them is through their religious or sacred believes. They try to convince you that these means of rehabilitation are better than the conventional medical therapies. Believe it or not but these are only scams because a drug rehabilitation therapy should be completely independent of any religious or cultural approaches and there are not legitimate records of drug recovery from these techniques. So it’s always better to go for the tried and tested methods of rehabilitation.   
Narconon Fresh Start is one of the few rehabs programs which are offering an extensive rehabilitation program. Their success rate is much higher than the normal rehabilitation centers and the reason is their conviction, constant hard work and research to find out new techniques of rehabilitation. The clients of Narconon Fresh Start are provided individual care which is very helpful in understanding their psyche and to convince them for rehabilitation. Afterwards their outstanding drug withdrawal program is the one which their clients love the most. It is actually making rehabilitation easier for addicts. Secular approach towards rehabilitation gives people from diverse religions a liberty to enter in this rehab as they know that their religious belief is going to be respected and no specific religious mindset is going to be promoted. All these remarkable attributes make Narconon Fresh Start different from others.

Unrealistic Drug Rehab Claims

01/07/2013 11:26
Drug rehabilitation centers are facilities where substance abusers come and get the treatment in hope of easing out their condition. While the purpose of the drug rehab centers seems noble there are some scam rehab programs that are no more than a foul way of making money. Affected individuals’ families are very concerned about their pathetic conditions and in desperation they start searching for ways to get their loved ones away from drugs. In such a scenario, these people are very likely to get caught in a scam rehabilitation program. 
Opportunists take advantage of peoples’ desperation by offering solutions of drug addiction and guarantee 100% success. Apart from this strategy there exist other clever tricks to rip off innocent and worried individuals and families. Searching on the web about a cure; you will come across many astonishing rehab programs which will catch your attention readily. 
You need to be extra vigilant before choosing a rehab program. You must search about the credentials of a rehab center, the accreditations of the professionals working there and also about the overall reputation of a rehab center. Flabbergasting and highly exaggerated claims must be watched out for as these claims cannot be true. Guaranteeing a 100% success in a matter of a few weeks is just something that you cannot digest. How can an addict overcome his craving in such a short time and how can a drug rehab center promise 100% success? All these unrealistic claims are just tactics to make you fall for one of those pitfalls where you will get nothing worthwhile in return of your hard earned money. 
In majority of these placebo drug rehab centers the duration for the rehabilitation process is uniform. There are different levels of drug addiction and each levels treatment’s duration is different. Credulous individuals are more vulnerable to get caught in a scam so if you’re the type that trusts people readily then it is advised for you to be extra cautious. Scam rehab programs have made millions by exploiting the trust of people and the noble cause of drug rehabilitation.
The presence of scam rehab centers is abuse to the true meaning of rehabilitation. However there are still legitimate and dedicated drug rehab centers present which fulfill every promise they make and are operating in a very efficient way.  Narconon Fresh start is innovative rehab program which constitutes everything from cognitive therapies to physiological detoxification procedures. By virtues of this rehab program many affected individuals have been successful in completely turning their lives around. Each client is given individual attention and the duration of treatment varies according to the individual differences and the stages of addiction of a certain individual. Narconon Fresh Start Reviews are the best proof of the program’s effective techniques and rehab methodology.
Narconon Fresh Start truly signifies the meaning of rehabilitation. People are hit by scammers all the time and that is why they lose hope. Before signing up with a rehab program always do a lot of research. Ask people around you who might know something if not a lot. Go through reviews of a rehab center you are interested in and always study the background of people employed there.

Ponzi Scheme of Scam Rehab Programs

01/07/2013 11:17
Just as there exist pseudo doctors, there also exist pseudo drug rehabilitation experts. Most of these charlatans are involved in fraudulent practices one way or their other. They are either an essential part of a Ponzi scheme or are facilitating it in some way, with the goal of doing business at your risk!
Most of such the rehab scams commit frauds in the same fashion as the other industries, the only difference being that are able to loot much more. A typical rehab scam would publicize itself as a humanitarian mission out to do good and to benefit people. It would have ridiculous claims and success rates substantiated by paid “pseudo experts” and “critics”.  To put the cherry on the icing, these programs will not even be registered or accredited by CARF. These scams provide inadequate, non specific and iterating treatment, for a very high cost. At the same time offer a short term cure knowing fully that they will lengthen the span of your treatment.
They utilize several techniques to swindle you out of your money. The easiest is to tamper with the billing. They bill you for services not rendered, for a non-covered service as a covered service, misrepresent or change service provider dates, location and agent/agency. Issuance of unwarranted prescription drugs, over utilization of services, repetitive redundant testing and incorrect diagnosis; are amongst the various methods used by scam rehab centers to usurp your money. Some Rehab centers even charge you for residential rehabilitation programs, even though they are not allowed by their licensee.
How there are some program, that despite thorough investigation, despite continual berating by critics and despite controversial claims; have come out clean. One such program is Narconon Fresh Start, founded by William Benetiz and based on Ron Hubbard’s philosophy of Self betterment, provides drug free holistic treatment. Narconon Fresh Start has a battle plan that provides three comprehensive treatment methods. 
Narconon Fresh Start provides mental behavioral cognitive therapy, physical therapy, and social interaction therapy. Narconon uses a patient specific treatment plan to help ease the suffering addicts back into society. Before enrollment, Narconon diagnoses you and its experts analyze your case. Only then are suggestions made for a treatment plan. Narconon is one of the most cost effecting treatments with one of the most transparent billing and accounting systems. There is no overcharging or outrageous billing for provided services. At Narconon you get the treatment you deserve. For a fresh start, it’s definitely money well spent
The best way to recognize a ponzi scheme run by scam rehab programs is to focus on their marketing, avoid programs with ridiculous guarantees and preposterously exaggerated success rates. Try to opt for programs that have been critically reviewed and are accredited by a governing institution, such as CARF. Most of all remember not ever program is suited for you! Your particular predicament might have a unique solution.

Drug Rehabilitation Program

15/05/2013 17:13

Narconon Fresh Start is truly a drug rehabilitation and prevention program that takes individuals from an abusive life of alcohol, drugs and chaos, to a life of positive purpose and direction. The rehab plan at Narconon drug rehabilitation centers provides complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from substance abuse. The program is not all about medications and prescriptions given to addicts rather it spotlights altering the attitude and character building. Therefore the Narconon centers comprise all methods and mechanisms that are necessary to carry out the recovery process from a scratch to the ultimate conclusion. While the experts cure patients by eliminating cravings for drugs, the proficient counselors and therapists enable them to restore themselves back into a happy, healthy and drug free life.

An Innovative Drug Rehabilitation Philosophy

  Narconon Fresh Start program has formulated a drug rehabilitation philosophy which is independent of any previous model. Narconon rehab program has truly and ultimately changed the concept of portraying addicts with an incurable and fatal disease that is impossible to be treated. Instead the program through its educational philosophy work on restoring the health of their clients by confronting and discovering causes of addiction and the behavior associated with it. After focusing on root causes that are drawing the client from life to death, the clients are enabled to overcome and resolve their tendencies to addictive behavior.

Treating Addicts and Alcoholics as Students

The clients or patients may enter Narconon Fresh Start program as addicts or alcoholics, but during their stay at Narconon rehabilitation centers they become students through a bundle of educational Life Skills program. In addition to recreational activities such as playing cards or watching movies and taking part in pool deck, Jacuzzi, fitness center, jogging path, and sports, the emphasis is always on restoring the clients to positive way of life. The participants not only go through a lot of individual hard work on their way to recovery, they also learn to interact socially with their peers in the program by helping each other through various courses of the program.

The clients gather for dining and playing which develop and enhance social interaction among them. This allows them to learn how to become good productive team members and how to build constructive relationships. They graduate drug rehab program truly rehabilitated without the need to exploit any abusive sticky tags of drug addict or alcoholic but they are proud to be a productive and responsible member of their communities and their families.


Currently Narconon rehab centers are functioning world-wide and facilitating their clients with all essential facilities to enable them to play an active part in the fight against drug addiction. Narconon program is highly successful and is lauded all over the world for its effectiveness. Due to the implementation of cognitive behavioral modification model, 76% success rate has been accomplished in true rehabilitation and hence Narconon drug rehabilitation centers, by serving as life savior, have a proven record of success for over 45 years. 

Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge

15/05/2013 13:51
Narconon Fresh Start meets all the criteria of a world class alcohol and drugs rehab center. For the detoxification of the addicted people, we are committed to providing various methods for breaching the cycle of addiction and helping out the people and providing them with the healthy productive extended life. Narconon Fresh Start is the nonprofit organization. Narconon applied for the major use permit (MUP) for San Diego in 2002 for drug rehabilitation facilities and initiated its programs in the same year.
NARCONON way of dealing drug rehabilitation
The surrounding of Narconon lodge is admirable. Rich with scenic beauty and surrounded by hot springs, it is the best place for those who are striving to overcome the drug addiction. Peaceful environment is provided to the patients which makes easy for them to start the treatment which develops self esteem in the patient. Although it’s not easy to fully recover from drug addiction but the fitness opportunities and recreation at Narconon makes it easy and pleasant for the addicts to achieve their goal of rehabilitation. Holistic behavior of the staff modifies the behavior and conduct of the addicts.
Aid to quit drug addiction
Sunshine has launched an advanced program for the drug rehab which is cited as “Narconon Fresh Start Program” some of the specific key features are as follows which prove remarkably helpful in achieving success.
Time span for rehabilitation
The main goal of Narconon is to aid the patients in taking control over their desire for drugs. The time span for rehabilitation program at Narconon is subjected to the condition of the patients as it aims at fully rehab the person. Usually patient is asked to spend 3 to 5 months in the Narconon lodge.
Effective way of treatment
Narconon drug rehabilitation program uses authentic treating methods. Proper sessions with the psychotherapists are conducted for the patients. The session is very effective as each and every detail of the patients is considered and the session takes place with calm environment and proper time is given to the patient.
Detoxification of Addicts’ Body
“The New Life Detoxification Program” is a significant stage Narconon Fresh Start program. It aims at the detoxification naturally rather than the usage of medicine which withdraws the drug out of the body. The patient will be more firmly able to control his desires and needs for the drugs without the interference of the chemicals and in turn affecting the body.
High rate of success
The recovery of patient is upto 76%. This means that majority of patients don’t go back to the use of drugs. The treated patients are frequently monitored, so that they don’t indulge again in the addiction behavior. If any patient gets to drug addiction again, he is brought back for the treatment free of cost. Another reason for its success is that the staff running this program is very dedicated, as they all are working for a noble cause. They all are fully trained and equipped.
Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge is the drug rehabilitation centre which helps out the addicted people by detoxifying naturally surrounded by peaceful and calm environment and with the facilities that keeps them healthy and active.