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Narconon Fresh Start


Narconon is a worldwide nonprofit drug rehabilitation organization that started its career from a small area in Arizona in 1960. It was launched by Ron Hubbard. Within decades Narconon spread its locations around the globe in considerable number. Narconon Fresh Start locations operate also in many European countries. The aim of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is to heal the person from the abuse of drugs and alcohol and overcome the urge for them.

Narconon worldwide Locations
Several Narconon locations are present currently worldwide. The organization is bent upon spreading its network of rehab centers to many other areas of the world. Narconon tirelessly work to access as many drugs addicts as they can, and help them to regain the track of normal and healthy life. Proper protocol is prepared for the facilities provided and each area, surroundings and environment is taken into the considerations. Different Narconon locations across the world are managed keenly and the patients are attended individually according to their specific backgrounds.
General Information and the Program Layout
All the information about the courses and education is easily available at the Narconon locations. The formations of many locations are not due to the race with other rehab but to make many sufferers healthy. And due to the availability of the information makes it possible for the people to get to about the Narconon easily.
Narconon Locations in the US & Canada
More than 100 Narconon locations are present in 30 countries. The main hub of Narconon is in Arizona, the United States of America where the main drug rehabilitation program started whereas the first residential program was established in California. At present, Narconon Arrowhead is the biggest residential plan that has more than 100 staff members and more than 200 patients. Narconon Vista Bay is most successful program of the organization. It is located in Cruz, South Lake Tahoe and Placerville. Narconon San Diego is present in California Warner Springs and conducts remarkably successful rehab programs. Located in Canada, Narconon Vancouver rehab has saved the lives of many people and brought them back to normal life.
Narconon Locations in Latin America
In Latin America, Narconon Columbia is running a successful rehab program and serves the people of Santa Fe de Bogota. Narconon Mexico is present in Celaya outside the boundaries of the Mexico City. It is has been doing rehab work for the last 15 years.
Narconon Locations in Europe
Narconon U.K was established in 1975 and has served hundreds of people who had lost hope for a normal dugs free life. Narconon Sweden was established in 1972 and is located in southern region. Narconon Spain was opened in 1983 comprising of 3 centres that are Narconon Tenerife, Narconon Los Molino, and Narconon Mediterraneo. In Germany, the rehab center was started in 1989 and currently working in the Bavaria region.
Narconon Locations in Asia and Africa
Narconon Taiwan was established with the help of the government. Narconon Nepal was created in 2004 by the chief police of Kathmandu. There are many Narconon rehab centers are operating in Africa, the most prominent are Narconon Cape town and Narconon Mooresboro.