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Narconon Fresh Start

Rehabilitation Dramatised

25/07/2013 12:45

The right drug rehabilitation facilities are those that have a concrete and comprehensive plan of action. The right drug rehabilitation plan usually incorporates multiple forms of treatment and constantly changes its treatment, according to the specific needs of the patient. Rehabilitation programs need to be effectual, adequate and patient specific. Else they are simply part of scam! To avoid being dubbed as a scam transparency of operations and of billing is a must. As we observe that much sham rehab centers scam patients out for money.  Patients are firstly not provided the treatment they paid for. Secondly they are charged for service they didn’t get. Drug rehab centers even tamper the diagnosis to either prolong the treatment or make the patient undergo unnecessary treatment, simply to make more money.

 If not treated well in the hands of experienced, well organized and rightly qualified individual the effects of an addiction may further destroy the patient’s physical health but more importantly the mental well being .Thus the facility you choose must heal the abuser in all aspects. It is not an easy task to build such an environment and cannot be entrusted upon any business man to do whose main aim is to maximize profit.

Rehab facilitation has to create an environment where the patients are given controlled independence, where they are taught to make healthier decisions while being watched by a professional. The facility must recuperate the patient’s health and find the root cause which led the patient to fall into abuse and eliminate that element from the patient’s conscience. Like any other organization dealing with rehabilitation, it must be a collaboration of different systems all working together and evolving to create a specific treatment plan for each patient. You should stay clear of any treatments you come across which provides you with anything less than the guarantee of a reclaimed lifestyle for the abuser.

No to- prescribed medication plans, short term ‘easy detox treatments’ and facilities claiming their achievements on exaggerated statistics. Do not fall into the traps laid out by advertizing agencies preaching to you of what is best because ‘life’ is not a product. No short-cut or easy treatment scam must be trusted. No matter how broken and tired you are it will only augment your predicament.

Then who must be trusted? A well established facility with a prestigious history of 40 years of international experience and exposure might be the right answer. Narconon Fresh Start, a certified rehabilitation organization is not only a facility but an educational institution for abusers. While curing the abusers drug problem, the organization moulds them back into a healthy social, economically productive and self respective lifestyle.

What makes Narconon Fresh Start different from other rehab systems? Firstly it is not a business rather a testimony of the successful transformation of once a broken down heroin addict prison inmate, into a founder of one of the largest healthcare providers.  Therefore Narconon Fresh Start does not judge rather understand all possible states of addiction and is a living hope for every addict. Secondly Narconon is a nationally accredited, an authentic and transparent program with and “no locks” on doors policy. You’re free to leave when you want. You will only be charged the services you received. No swindling you out of your money!