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Narconon Fresh Start

Ponzi Scheme of Scam Rehab Programs

01/07/2013 11:17
Just as there exist pseudo doctors, there also exist pseudo drug rehabilitation experts. Most of these charlatans are involved in fraudulent practices one way or their other. They are either an essential part of a Ponzi scheme or are facilitating it in some way, with the goal of doing business at your risk!
Most of such the rehab scams commit frauds in the same fashion as the other industries, the only difference being that are able to loot much more. A typical rehab scam would publicize itself as a humanitarian mission out to do good and to benefit people. It would have ridiculous claims and success rates substantiated by paid “pseudo experts” and “critics”.  To put the cherry on the icing, these programs will not even be registered or accredited by CARF. These scams provide inadequate, non specific and iterating treatment, for a very high cost. At the same time offer a short term cure knowing fully that they will lengthen the span of your treatment.
They utilize several techniques to swindle you out of your money. The easiest is to tamper with the billing. They bill you for services not rendered, for a non-covered service as a covered service, misrepresent or change service provider dates, location and agent/agency. Issuance of unwarranted prescription drugs, over utilization of services, repetitive redundant testing and incorrect diagnosis; are amongst the various methods used by scam rehab centers to usurp your money. Some Rehab centers even charge you for residential rehabilitation programs, even though they are not allowed by their licensee.
How there are some program, that despite thorough investigation, despite continual berating by critics and despite controversial claims; have come out clean. One such program is Narconon Fresh Start, founded by William Benetiz and based on Ron Hubbard’s philosophy of Self betterment, provides drug free holistic treatment. Narconon Fresh Start has a battle plan that provides three comprehensive treatment methods. 
Narconon Fresh Start provides mental behavioral cognitive therapy, physical therapy, and social interaction therapy. Narconon uses a patient specific treatment plan to help ease the suffering addicts back into society. Before enrollment, Narconon diagnoses you and its experts analyze your case. Only then are suggestions made for a treatment plan. Narconon is one of the most cost effecting treatments with one of the most transparent billing and accounting systems. There is no overcharging or outrageous billing for provided services. At Narconon you get the treatment you deserve. For a fresh start, it’s definitely money well spent
The best way to recognize a ponzi scheme run by scam rehab programs is to focus on their marketing, avoid programs with ridiculous guarantees and preposterously exaggerated success rates. Try to opt for programs that have been critically reviewed and are accredited by a governing institution, such as CARF. Most of all remember not ever program is suited for you! Your particular predicament might have a unique solution.