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False Marketing In The Name of Drug Rehab

22/08/2013 16:22
False Marketing In The Name of Drug Rehab
Drug addiction is one of the rapidly growing problems of the twentieth century, with millions worldwide involved in substance abuse in one form or another. This has paved the way for the establishment of countless drug rehabilitation centers all over the world that are in the business of helping these people help themselves by promising them freedom from the addiction to drugs that has their whole life at a standstill, or worse, spiraling downwards into a  whirlpool of misery and despair. What these Drug rehabilitation programs offer is a ray of hope, a new way to see things in life, to conquer the feelings and became the reason to drug abuse.
However, some of these drug rehab centers have recently been accused of false marketing and fraudulent schemes to con people of their money and substandard services that were ending up doing more harm to the participants rather than enabling them to return to the healthy lives they were leading before. Which is why there is now a considerable sense of macabre towards these rehabilitation programs and people are rather wary about joining one before they’ve made sure that it is indeed delivering what it promises in its advertisements. 
One way that these drug rehab programs have been cutting corners is by being very vague about the terms of the success which they consider to be a positive result. A successful rehab, in their eyes, could mean anything from a person who indulged in shooting up heroine or snorting cocaine all day but then comes down to using them only once or twice a week, to someone who drank a lot but then stops drinking all together. Depending on the effort involved somebody who starts coming to the support group meetings when before he was quite adamant to the idea could also be considered a success. 
The crux of the matter then is that every addiction is not the same, just as every addict is different, so they all require a different strategy to be brought back on track and to do that, a drug rehabilitation center must be capable enough of recognizing and being able to deal with all its participants at an individual level and cater to their specific whims and needs. Doing this is important as much of the road to recovery depends on the perception by the person that the people holding back his drugs are doing what is indeed best for him, understanding which may also very well be the best step to recovery in the first place. 
Narconon Fresh Start is a drug rehabilitation program that has been operating in many locations worldwide for the past forty years or so and has successfully established a name for itself due to it’s all natural program that stands at a stark difference from the rest of the programs out there. Narconon Fresh Start offers many courses and therapy sessions it provides to help people get back to their world as they were before and even find new meaning in life. To examine the effectiveness of Narconon Fresh Start, the best way is to go through Narconon Fresh Start reviews that provide you the first hand knowledge of people from different walks of life.