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Narconon Fresh Start - An Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment

01/11/2013 10:54
Narconon Fresh Start - An Innovative Substance Abuse Treatment Narconon Fresh Start believes in drug free treatment and restoring the clients from addiction with the help education and healthy activities. The clients at Narconon are provided with the best educational courses such as life skill...

False Marketing In The Name of Drug Rehab

22/08/2013 16:22
False Marketing In The Name of Drug Rehab Drug addiction is one of the rapidly growing problems of the twentieth century, with millions worldwide involved in substance abuse in one form or another. This has paved the way for the establishment of countless drug rehabilitation centers all over...

Narconon Fresh Start Reviews: Testimonials of Truth & Integrity

17/08/2013 12:52
Narconon Fresh Start Reviews: Testimonials of Truth & Integrity Drugs – the word itself horrifies many people. The idea of even practicing the drugs has been considered taboo for a long time. People feared to talk about it publicly, well things are now changing and people are speaking up...

All About Narconon Fresh Start

17/08/2013 12:44
All About Narconon Fresh Start The use of drugs over the past few years has become very volatile. Every now and then we come across people who have been wasting their lives because of drug abuse. The age groups involved in the use of drugs might surprise you, but the fact is that a lot of teenagers...

Rehab Scams: False hopes and fake commitments

25/07/2013 12:47
Narconon is a nonprofit organization which has been helping hundreds of thousand so of people, worldwide, get rid of their addiction. Narconon is one of the most reputable and reliable drug rehab program across the globe. Since 1966, Narconon has been helping addicts ease back into normal life....

Rehabilitation Dramatised

25/07/2013 12:45
The right drug rehabilitation facilities are those that have a concrete and comprehensive plan of action. The right drug rehabilitation plan usually incorporates multiple forms of treatment and constantly changes its treatment, according to the specific needs of the patient. Rehabilitation programs...

The Farce of Drug Recovery Programs

02/07/2013 16:30
Different rehabs are offering drug addicts a chance to leave their addicted lives and to enter in a normal life again. Well it is not that simple and not many people are putting their efforts to rehabilitate drug addiction. In fact most of these rehabs are frauds and they just try to grab the...

False Remedial Claims for Addiction

02/07/2013 16:26
Drug remediation helps people to get over their sick addicted lives and to live happily again but scammers have ruined many such cases of drug addiction. Initially drug rehabilitation was a very noble profession in which people were devotedly working to excavate drug addiction from the society. Now...

Unrealistic Drug Rehab Claims

01/07/2013 11:26
Drug rehabilitation centers are facilities where substance abusers come and get the treatment in hope of easing out their condition. While the purpose of the drug rehab centers seems noble there are some scam rehab programs that are no more than a foul way of making money. Affected individuals’...

Ponzi Scheme of Scam Rehab Programs

01/07/2013 11:17
Just as there exist pseudo doctors, there also exist pseudo drug rehabilitation experts. Most of these charlatans are involved in fraudulent practices one way or their other. They are either an essential part of a Ponzi scheme or are facilitating it in some way, with the goal of doing business at...
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